“I am a civil servant at Offutt AFB NE educating the base populace in prevention of sexual assault. I also
advocate for and assist sexual assault victims. I met Michael during Sexual Assault Awareness Month
searching for an instructor to teach a Women’s Self Defense class and have known him now for over a year.
Michael is one of very friend. He is totally and completely a gentleman and truly inspirational instructor for
our classes. His ability to humor, instruct, and most importantly, set at ease all participants in the class is
admirable indeed.

Our classes are attended by women of all ages, between 12 and 65, some of whom have been the victim of
some kind of assault. Michael very quickly set the tone of the class with respect and admiration for the women
who attended in their search for more control in their lives. He taught many different aspects of self-defense
inspiring even the very tentative participants to come out of their shell and prove to themselves they were
capable to defend themselves when necessary. Another avenue was helping them understand the necessity to
always pay attention to their surroundings and notice discrepancies and anomalies. His instruction was
explicit, efficient and completely effective. We have received many emails from participants extolling
Michael’s praises and thanking us for having him teach.” May 12, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st Sharon Ingram,
hired Michael as a instruction in 2007

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael as a martial arts instructor and he is very passionate about
his work. He shows a great deal of ability to work with students of all ages. Michael keeps instruction fun and
interesting while also making sure that each student is learning the proper way to execute the techniques.” May
11, 2011

1st Michele Helaney, Owner/ Martial Arts & Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist, Omaha Blue Waves
Martial Arts was with another company when working with Michael at Munyon's Korean Martial Arts

“Michael Munyon and I both belong to the USKMAF. We have opportunity to work together at seminars and
have spoken at length by phone over the years, discussing all aspects of the martial arts industry.
He possesses an unquenchable love for the martial arts which causes him to invest an impressive amount of
time practicing, teaching and striving to improve in every area. As a result, his abilities, talents and knowledge
as a martial artist and instructor have been honed to a grade of excellence.
As an instructor, he incorporates humor and patience while requiring attention to detail from his students
without overwhelming them. The standard is set high, but the students enjoy the journey to obtain the goal.
To sum it up, Michael Munyon is a talented credit to the modern martial arts industry.” May 9, 2011

1st Kathy Kiernan, Martial arts academy owner / instructor, Kiernan Hapkido Academy
was with another company when working with Michael at Munyon's Korean Martial Arts Academy

“Michael is one of the most dedicated and talented folks I have had the pleasure of training with. Throughout
all our circles of colleagues he is revered for his passion and attention to detail in everything. All aspects of
his discipline and abilty bleed through in all his endevours. I really cant say enough about Michael to
accuratley portray the drive, passion and excellence that he truly brings to the table.” May 8, 2011

1st David Ortiz, Instructor, Northern Virginia Hapkido Academy
worked directly with Michael at Munyon's Korean Martial Arts Academy
I’m looking forward to the new adventures we will all share in 2013.
Speaking of the future I’m looking forward to opening up the
Munyon’s Korean Martial Arts Academy in early 2015. My 2015 New
Year’s Resolution is to ensure I provide my community and students with
the best in Martial Arts, Law Enforcement and Military training and tactics.
I’ve been trained and mentored by some of the greatest leaders in the
martial arts/military and hope to continue in their footsteps in developing
both good and productive people in our community. The Munyon’s Korean
Martial Arts Academy also wants to be YOUR resource for Taekwon-Do,
HapKiDo, Israeli Fighting Systems, Weapons, Tournament/Sport Karate
(Tang Soo Do syllabus), Women’s Self Defense, Executive Security,
Firearms Tactics/Techniques, Outdoor Survival and more. When it comes
to your self-defense, fitness and peace of mind I hope the Munyon’s Korean
Martial Arts Academy will become your first and only choice.

Yours in the martial arts,

Michael Munyon

Welcome to the Munyon's Korean Martial Arts Academy.  Our goal is to
offer our students the best in the arts of Taekwon-Do (I.T.F.) and HapKiDo
(Global HapKiDo Association).
"In a crisis we don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your
training." - John Rennie, "Scientic American" Sept 2000.
The Dynamic Dojo" Show w/ Guest Master Robert Parham
Join Sifu Restita and Sifu Bob as they welcome Master
Robert Parham