Sport Karate Program

The Munyon’s Korean Martial Arts Academy provides students with the training required for
Sport Karate competition.  This includes local, State, Regional, National and International
competition.  Mr. Munyon was rated by SKI as being #1 in the Yellowstone Conference and was
invited to compete in the world championship in Texas hosted by SKI and NBL in the mid 1990’s.

The areas covered in the Sport Karate program include:

Patterns/Forms/Kata Division
Creative Patterns/Forms/Kata Division
Musical Patterns/Forms/Kata Division
Point Sparring Division
Continuous Sparring Division
Breaking Division
Self Defense Division
And more…

Mr. Munyon and his students have placed in Open Tournament competitions in several states and
in a variety of divisions.  

If you’re looking for professional and knowledgeable training for your Sport Karate training, the
Munyon’s Korean Martial Arts Academy should be your first choice.

To be the Best…you must train with the best.