Kocur's Kids Kick it In!!!
201 E main St, Birdsboro Community Center, Birdsboro, PA 19508, PH:(610) 582-7616
This Christmas at Kocur's Taekwon-Do the Childrens Class put
a different twist to their usual Holiday Celebration. Normally
workout and ending with a visit from Santa. This year instead
of exchanging gifts and with arrangements made by Mrs. Cindy
Rathgub (a regular at Kocur's) the Children donated their
money they would normally spend on gifts and donated it to
the Bethany Childrens School in Womelsdorf, Pa. Together
they raised over $300.00. What a great example of Community
Service and what Taekwon-Do represents.
Great Job to all of you!!!!
On 11/18/09 Shihan Bart Ganster, 10th degree, of Ganster Karate, presented a Self Defense Defense
Seminar for members of Kocur's TaeKwon Do. Shihan Ganster, along with Masters Doaty and Armaeo
and other students, demonstrated many self defense moves, joint locks and wrist locks. After taking time
to demonstrate and work with all the students, Shihan Ganster then took time demonstrate proper
sparing techniques and he then sparred with several students.
The members of Kocurs TKD wish to extend a grate thank you to Shihan Ganster and his school. It was a
great night seeing both schools working hand in hand.
January 8th 2009

Kocur's Taekwon-Do celebrated their 5th Anniversary of the school opening on January 8th 2009. All students were in
attendance at the 3 hour event. Parents and supporters of the school were also in attendance. Some of the Martial Arts
more esteemed guests were Grand Master Ganster and Shihan (Master) Doaty of Ganster Karate.  In a truly honorable
moment all the students lined up to have perhaps their first hand shake and bow to a Grand Master in the Martial Arts.
Mr. Kocur started off the event with a mixed adult/childrens vigorous workout. Warm-up, Line drills and Patterns were
the theme of the class. After the class all enjoyed pizza and cake. As Mr.Kocur and family reaches this pinnacle point in
their schools history the future will only bring bigger and better things