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A DOUBLE Celebration at Desert TKD !! Not only is there a new Senior Master (Malm) but Desert
Taekwon-Do is celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Desert Taekwon-Do hosted  approximately two
hundred people at their 25th Anniversary and Reunion Party at La Paloma Academy Lakeside.  A new
video was shared at the event showing the students and progression over the 25 year period. Also
commemorating and coinciding with the event Master Malm was promoted to Senior Master by Grand
Master Robert Dunn of the Jun Tong Federation. Master Brian R. Malm is a 8th Degree Black Belt Master
in Taekwondo who has been training for over 40 years! He started Desert Taekwondo in 1989 and has
been teaching full time ever since! He has promoted over 250 black belts